CementaryProcedure & application to reserve a grave space

An application to reserve a grave space for burial in the churchyard of the Parish in which you live can be made by completing a Faculty Petition Form (see form below). Part A of the form must be completed by the applicant. Your Minister or a Churchwarden will complete Part B which must detail the row and number on the churchyard plan or a sketch showing the exact position of the plot to be reserved.

Once the form is completed, it should be sent to the Registrar:

Jeremy Wilding
Gabbs Solicitors
14 Broad Street

Once received, the Petition will be sent to the Chancellor. He will request that Public Notices are published at the church for a period of 28 days, thereby giving notice of the application being made and an opportunity for objections. If no objections are received, the Chancellor will grant the Faculty.