Graves and headstones:- There are detailed diocesan regulations which govern the approved size, shape and design of graves, memorials and monuments. Those falling outside those guidelines will normally require a faculty. Details of the Diocesan guidelines may be found on the website of the Diocese of Hereford and by clicking this link: Churchyard Regulations

Rights of burial:- As a general rule, there is a right to be buried in the churchyard of the parish in which you reside. This is on the assumption that the churchyard has not been "closed" and that there remains sufficient room in the churchyard. There is no automtatic right to be buried in any particular spot or location in the church yard.

Reservation of a grave space:- An application may be made for a faculty to reserve a specific grave space; such applications are considered by the Diocesan consistory court. The Chancellor will have regard to various factors including the connection with the parish and the number of available spaces in the churchyard. Reservations, if granted, are likely in practice to be permitted for up to 25 years, but if space is limited the grant may be for a shorter period. It is possible to apply for an extension where the reservation period is due to expire shortly. Normally an applicant will initially approach the local minister in the first instance. Further details of the process and a specimen form are set out in the Forms section below.