There is a general right to be married in your local parish church and/or in a parish where your name is on the electoral roll for that church. Couples also now have the right to be married in a particular parish church if they can show that they have certain "qualifying connections" with that parish. These qualifying connections include connections arising through baptism/worship and also certain defined family connections.

For a marriage to take place in a church one of the following legal requirements must be carried out:

  • The calling of Banns; Or
  • Issue of a Common Licence by the Bishop; Or
  • Issue of a Special Licence by the Archdeacon; Or
  • Issue of a Superintendent Registrar’s certificate.

A priest has a discretion to remarry in church those who have previously been married.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 does not extend to marriage in church between same sex couples.